10 things to do while staying in hotel room to avoid getting spied

02:41 PM Mar 14, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

When we are in a hotel room, the last thing we want to think about is that someone is spying on us. Recently, Maharashtra Police seized a led lamp from a hotel in Mahabaleshwar after receiving a complaint that it contains a hidden camera. According to the complainant, the hidden camera was secretly recording the guests who stayed in the hotel room.


The complainant also reported the incident to Mumbai police on Twitter and claimed that he was threatened by the hotel staff after he found the hidden camera.

Although the police have not confirmed that the led lamp has a hidden camera, netizens have expressed their concern over their privacy in hotel rooms.

The prospect of getting spied on while we are in a hotel room is scary. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Survey the room


Check for lamps, speakers, fancy lights, flowers and other types of decorations. If any of these are placed in an unusual location and appears to be specifically angled towards the bed, then inspect and if anything is suspicious report it to the hotel management.

Look for blinking lights

Most of the cameras would have blinking led lights and the best way to detect it is by switching Mumbai police all the lights of your hotel room and look carefully.

Check TV and set up box

There are chances that the hidden cameras can be placed inside the TV, set up box or even your remote. Look carefully but make sure that you won’t damage any of the hotel appliances.

Check alarm clocks and wall clocks

If there is an alarm clock near your bed then put it inside your drawer, if it is mounted then put a towel on it. Also observe the wall clocks and check for hidden cameras placed inside them.

Make a phone call

Usually, surveillance cameras create a static noise or interference when a call is made nearby. Once you call, make sure to walk around the room and notice the place where you have disturbances in the call and inspect the surroundings.

Check the mirrors

Place your hand on the mirror and see if there is a gap between you and your reflection. If there is then need not worry but if there isn’t any gap, then there might be something there.

Check AC ducts and ventilation

Use a flashlight to check the ventilation and the AC ducts of your hotel room thoroughly.

Check your door

People have used peephole reversers to film inside the hotel room. Make sure you check your doorknobs and handles carefully.

Examine power plugs, sockets and towel holders

There were various instances in which the hidden camera was placed inside the power plugs, sockets and towel holders. Make sure you examine all these items thoroughly.

Check fire alarm and smoke detectors

Smoke detectors and fire alarms are common places for a hidden camera as it is the least suspected item in any public area.


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