15-year-old student turns old Royal Enfield into e-bike in just three months

02:51 PM Nov 19, 2021 | Team Udayavani |



A 15-year-old boy in Delhi has reportedly managed to create an electric bike all by himself. The teenager, Rajan Sharma used scraps of Royal Enfield to create the e-bike and spent Rs 45,000.

Rajan, a student of Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya located in Subhash Nagar, New Delhi began experimenting with electric bikes during the pandemic. He was able to create an e-cycle and ride it successfully. He gained knowledge of the technicalities of making a bike from a motor shop near his residence.

Unfortunately, he fell off the bike and got injured. Following this, Rajan’s father, Dashrath Sharma prohibited him from making e-bikes again.

However, Rajan wanted to learn more about them and lied to his father that the school has given a project about making an e-bike.


Dashrath Sharma initially refused but later agreed after Rajan kept on insisting.

But he was worried about the finances as he works at a private company and does not earn much. He borrowed money from his friends and colleagues and helped his son with the project. Rajan was able to create an e-bike in just three months.

During these three months, Rajan continued to collect information about e-bikes on Google and YouTube. However, he made the bike in three days, but it took him about three months to get the goods.

Also, Rajan reportedly had to do a lot of searching for the royal Enfield bikes which he got from the Mayapuri junk market for 10 thousand rupees.

Rajan got hurt so many times while welding but he continued. Dashrath Sharma did not have time to help him with the project because of his work.

Rajan said that the e-bike has almost the same look and feel as the Royal Enfield, headlights, the front end is the same. He removed the motor, installed the battery and connected directly.

Rajan claims that the speed of this electric bike is about 50 km / h, and it can reach 80 km / h on the road.

A wooden box is installed to prevent the battery from falling out while cycling.

Rajan’s father said that Rajan can do a lot for the country if the government gives necessary support.

Rajan now wants to take his dream one step further and create an e-car next.


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