31st MAHE Convocation Day 2: DCGI Dr Rajeev Singh Raghuvanshi delivers rousing address

08:37 PM Nov 19, 2023 | Press Release |

Manipal: On day two of Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s (MAHE) 31st Convocation Day on 19 November distinguished guests graced the occasion to witness the graduation ceremony of the latest cohort. The event celebrated the achievements of the graduates, who were honored for their academic excellence.


Dr Rajeev Singh Raghuvanshi, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), Govt. of India was the chief guest of the day and delivered a stirring convocation address, urging the students to contribute to the nation’s fortification and play a vital role in fostering self-reliance.

Among the university delegates were Pro-Chancellor Dr H.S. Ballal, Dr Ranjan R Pai, President, MAHE Trust, Chairman-Manipal Education & Medical Group (MEMG), Lt Gen (Dr) M D Venkatesh, Vice-Chancellor, Mrs Vasanti R Pai, Trustee, Dr Dilip G Naik, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Dr Pragna Rao, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Dr Narayana Sabhahit, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Sharath K Rao, Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr Madhu Veeraraghavan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr Giridhar Kini P, Registrar and Dr Vinod V Thomas, Registrar, Evaluation.

Day two saw the following gold medal winners being felicitated: Samhitha D (Kasturba Medical College of Manipal) and Aditi Mazumdar ( Manipal College of Health Professions)

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Speaking to the graduating students, Dr Rajeev Singh Raghuvanshi, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), Govt. of India, commented, Our nation’s notable success in navigating these turbulent times stems from our robust foundation in science and unwavering trust in its principles. The rapid development and widespread deployment of vaccines, diagnostic tools, PPE kits, and devices stand as a testament to the prowess of science—an invaluable lesson to reinforce our faith in its capabilities.


In this narrative of progress, institutions like Manipal Academy of Higher Education have played a pivotal role. Now, the torch is passed to you. It becomes your duty to carry forward this legacy, contributing to the continual growth and evolution of our formidable scientific foundation.

The profound impact of COVID lies not only in its challenges but in instilling a resolute “can-do” mindset. It unveiled both our fragility and strength. Our collective achievements were not the result of individual efforts but a testament to the power of collaboration and the interconnectedness of humanity. COVID, amid its trials, underscored the significance of teamwork and networking—essential lessons to carry forward as we face and surmount future challenges together.

Today, you are graduating from a center of knowledge creation and knowledge distribution. You will be entering into life of applications of the knowledge you have acquired here. Pl take a message from me that never stop acquiring knowledge. Life is a journey and at every point, you will have the opportunity to learn something new. At the end of the day, it is “knowledge” that makes you confident, brings you respect, and makes you successful in whatever way you define success. Knowledge never goes to waste. It pays you in one way or the other and in the short term or long term. It makes you more acceptable and approachable.

May your paths be filled with purpose, and may you continue to inspire others as you’ve inspired us today. Here’s to a future filled with endless possibilities and remarkable achievements to be the prelude to a lifetime of success and fulfillment.”

Dr HS Ballal, Pro-Chancellor of MAHE, said, “At the core of MAHE lies its students, whose robust characters, unwavering diligence, and indomitable spirit never cease to amaze us. The departing classes of 2023 encapsulate these qualities. We discern great potential in their capacities, envisioning them as future doctors, leaders, spokespersons, innovators, and more, ready to fill talent gaps and make meaningful contributions to society. We take immense pride in their accomplishments and eagerly anticipate their inevitable success and future endeavors.”

Lt Gen (Dr) M D Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor, MAHE, said, “The global landscape is evolving, presenting fresh opportunities at every juncture. Equipped with a diverse skill set, knowledge, and the confidence to navigate varied paths, our students are prepared to thrive in this dynamic environment. Through exposure to multidisciplinary academics and fostering their entrepreneurial spirit, MAHE believes in the potential success of each student. We extend our best wishes to them and aspire to welcome them back one day as future leaders”.

Concluding the ceremony, Dr Ashita Uppoor, Dean, MCODS, Mangalore extended a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to dignitaries, parents, college faculties, students, press and media representatives, and everyone else gathered.​


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