5 Car Brake System Care Tips; When to Replace Brake Pads

05:27 PM Aug 18, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Brakes are an integral part of the car, which is responsible for safety and security while hitting the road. Brake helps in creating friction and compels the vehicle to take a halt, but if a car’s brake system is out of standard quality, it will inevitably cause a distressing situation.


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Tips to take care of Car brake system


1.   Critically analsyze the drive

 While hitting off the road, keep an eye on the specific function of the car.

  • Lend your ears while applying the brake and notice if there is some abnormal sound. If the brakes are worn out, probably they will sound like metal clapping. If you find this sort of unusual noise, take a turn and visit the service center soon.
  • If you feel strong vibrations on the steering system or brake station, then it can be an indication from the brake disk section. Either one needs to replace the brake disk or need to cover it.
  • While applying the brakes, if the pedal is mellowed out, then it is undoubtedly an indication that the brakes lack proper oiling.



2.   Release the air

When you reinstate the brake pads or slip cylinder, discs, and oil mostly, you will notice the mechanic performs a brake furlough. When the brake system is not in the standard condition, air makes space out there and leads to inefficient functioning of the brake.


3.   Examine the winch system

Time to time analysis of the winch system saves you from unnecessary expenses. To test it, you need to raise the automobile. Examine the metallic and rubber piping that scampers along with the car length. Do not be rude while checking these delicate parts and also keep these in the distance with the moving parts.

Seek help from a professional or try it at home.


4.   Drive the automobile in moderate speed

Applying brakes unexpectedly at the time when the car is on top speed generates more friction that leads the brakes to wear out. It uses more than one-third of the energy and other braking material. It damages the brake drum in the long run and needs replacement more often.

Additional tip: Driving in the prone traffic area follows the speed of other cars. It will help in releasing less friction on the brakes.

5.   Do it yourself

For cleaning and retaining the brake structure, one needs to possess a lift car tool, Repair kit, and Cleaning product.

Step1: Release and alleviate the brakes.

Step2: You will need a trolley jack to raise the car and eliminate axle of the back wheels

Step3: Remove the brake drum carefully, use hand gloves for safety purpose

Step 4: Use clean water and detergent to clean the slime and dust particles from the piston rings and brake disc.

Step5: Once you are done cleaning, look for the spare parts that need replacement, such as control cables, pads, and springs.

Step6: Now, check the brake pedal. If it is functioning naturally, attach the brake drum. If you find the brake pedal is considerably low, adjust it accordingly and then install the brake drum.


When is the correct time to change the brake pads

Experiencing brake issues is life-wrecking while you are hitting the road. Sometimes people forgo the initial indications and invite accidents to their way. Generally, brake pads need to be replaced every 50,000 miles. It solely depends on driving styles and road conditions.

Here are a few signs that indicate its time to change the brake pads.


Vibrating while applying the brake

While applying brakes, sometimes people feel a vibrating sensation on the brake station as well as on the steering wheel. It generally happens because of the low supply of brake fluid in the slip cylinder that causes low pressure on brake pads to go near the brake disc. Check on brake fluid as well as brake pads. It can be a sign that your automotive needs a new set brake pad to function correctly.


The brake pad indicator in on

 Nowadays, most of the automobiles come with the Antilock Braking system and brake warning light. Both these indicators light up when the parking brake is assigned, but if your vehicle is in moving condition and still, those light appear on the dashboard. Then, it is time to take the car for a professional check-up.


Thinning of Brake pads

 One of the practical ways to check on the brake pads is to inspect them visually. To locate the brake pad, look on the spoke of the wheels. If the brake pad is less than one- fourth inch thick, you seriously need to reinstate brake pads on an urgent basis.

Never ignore a single date of the car’s maintenance schedule. The more one delays, the more troubles one invites. Always change the spare parts when needed to enhance the life span of the car. If you are looking for certified spare parts, do not forget to check boodmo. They specialize in automotive components and also offers better options. Check out the below link for more details.


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