5 foods you should never eat on an empty stomach

05:23 PM Apr 11, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Usually, when we are hungry, we don’t look for what is suitable for our body, we eat anything that comes in our hand. Although, it seems fine at first, later on the food wreaks havoc inside our stomach.


Here are a few things that you should never eat on an empty stomach

Citrus Fruits
The acids present in citrus fruits over time can provide an unnecessary boost to acid production in your gut. This may result in stomach issues such as gastric ulcers or even gastritis.

Spicy food
Eating spicy foods in the morning cause an increase in the production of acid in the stomach, which may result in digestive problems.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach leads to higher levels of acidity in the body. You may also experience indigestion and heartburn.


Sugary foods or drinks
Processed sugar is bad for your liver, so avoid breakfast desserts or overly sweet smoothies.

Eating bananas on an empty stomach increases the amount of magnesium in the blood, which is not good for the heart.


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