7 Things to check before investing in a refurbished electronic device

11:54 AM Dec 07, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Buying a refurbished electronic device can help save tons of money while ensuring, at the same time, a new device for the person who is buying it. Another benefit of purchasing refurbished electronic devices is sending fewer items to fill a landfill. However, one should be careful before purchasing a refurbished electronic device to ensure that one gets the best deal without getting cheated. 



The problem with refurbished electronic devices is that they have previously been tampered with. Also, such devices often come without a warranty. Therefore, one needs to be extremely careful before purchasing refurbished electronic gadgets. Here is a list of seven things to check before investing in a refurbished electronic device. 

1. Know Who Performed The Refurb 

Refurbished devices are often restored by someone to make the device work again or remove sensitive information like the IP address, which one can check on What Is My IP. Not all restorations are the same, and the person who performed the refurb is crucial. Sticking to a refurbished gadget, which the original company has repaired, is an intelligent choice. They often ensure that the product works flawlessly as a new gadget. It would help if you went for factory-certified refurbished electronic devices. 

2. Check The Accessories 

Opening a refurbished smartphone only to realize that the charger or the headset is mixing is a disappointing experience. Therefore, when purchasing a refurbished gadget, check the accessories with it. If you buy a refurbished item from a direct vendor, the chances of getting all the accessories are higher. 

3. Does The Product Still Have A Warranty?


When purchasing a refurbished item, there is no guarantee that it will work perfectly, and the risk associated with such devices is higher than with new products. Therefore, read the clause properly and check whether the gadget still has a warranty or guarantee or not. If the information is unavailable in the clause, it is better to ask the owner directly about it. 

4. How Trustworthy Is The Seller?

Refurbished items are available for purchase both online and offline. When purchasing refurbished items online, it is always recommended to verify whether the seller is trustworthy by looking at online reviews. By seeing the patterns in the reviews written, you will clearly know whether you can trust the seller. However, be smart about the move because the seller can purchase the reviews too. Look for the red flags when reading reviews. 

5. Look At The Definition Of Refurbished 

Refurbished electronic devices do not have a formal definition. As a result, different people and stores create different meanings of the word “refurbished”. It can lead to confusion for the buyer. Therefore, if you are purchasing a refurbished item from a store, check how they define refurbished.

6. Assess The Condition Of The Device 

Most stores use a rating system to show the condition of the refurbished goods. In such a scenario, it is crucial to understand the rating system of the store. Check the state of the refurbished items upfront, if possible. However, if it is impossible, read the product description clearly. If you have any queries regarding the gadget’s condition, it is better to shoot questions at the seller rather than simply relying on your luck to achieve a device in good condition. 

7. Check The Return Policy 

Sometimes, the problems of a device take time to be noticed. It is easier to identify external flaws by looking at the device’s body. However, catching something wrong in the internal part of the device takes time and often becomes visible after it is used. To avoid getting stuck with a problematic device, you should ensure you can return the product. 


You should not take the deal if the seller does not offer you at least two weeks to check the gadget. Also, while reviewing the return policy, pay special attention to the fine print. For example, a 30-return policy indicates that you can trust the seller. Finally, only buy refurbished products from sellers that support any return policy. 


Buying refurbished devices can save money. However, to ensure you are getting a good deal, you must take care of the points described above. Ensuring these can help you safely buy a good refurbished gadget. 


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