87-year-old man who hasn’t bathed in 67 years

01:46 PM Jan 20, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

The good health of an 87-year-old Iranian guy who eats roadkill and hasn’t showered in over 67 years has perplexed scientists and experts.


Amou Jaji stopped washing because he believed it would bring him good luck. That was more than a half-century ago.

He doesn’t consume conventional store-bought food. Roadkills like porcupines and rabbits make up Jaji’s diet. He sips water from puddles to wash it all down.

Jaji spends the majority of his time alone because his unconventional lifestyle has failed to attract friends or a girlfriend. Smoking a pipe loaded with animal dung is one of his favourite pastimes.

The 87-year-old is currently housed in a shanty erected for him by residents of Dejgah who were amazed by his unusual lifestyle. He used to live in a hole in the earth, but that was a long time ago.


Medics who came to the hut to perform tests on Jaji were startled to find no harmful bacteria or major disease in his body. He was actually as healthy as an ordinary home dweller who kept up with his hygiene.

Jaji was tested for the School of Public Health in Tehran by an associate professor of parasitology.

The doctors and scientists wanted to look into the parasites and germs that could have formed in his unwashed body. Despite consuming roadkill and staying unbathed for 67 years, they immediately proved that Jaji’s body was parasite-free.

Throughout his life, Jaji has maintained a modest profile. He has, however, kept up with current and historical events such as the French and Russian Revolutions.

Although the majority of his neighbours admire him, there are times when people show up to insult or hurl objects at him.

Fortunately, he has received assistance from the local government. The local governor has now asked people to leave him alone, claiming that he has a sweet soul and is never boring to chat to.


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