A fiery selfie taken by this Pakistani actor is now trending

04:11 PM Jan 06, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

With his scorching selfie, Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui has become an Internet phenomenon. Mr Siddiqui uploaded images and videos from a “destruction ceremony” organised by the Karachi Customs Enforcement to dispose of narcotics by setting them on fire last week. The actor was spotted taking a selfie while a large fire raged behind him in one of the photos he published online. The photo has gone viral on Twitter, where it has been made into a humorous meme.


“Lit fire to narcotics at the Destruction Ceremony of Confiscated Goods organised by the Customs (Enforcement) Karachi,” Adnan Siddiqui wrote while sharing visuals from the event on Instagram.

Further added that the department destroyed liquor, cigarettes and betel nuts contraband valued at around $2.5 million.

The selfie rapidly made its way to Twitter, where it was swiftly turned into a humorous meme.





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