A rare terrace garden by a farm lover in the city

01:46 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
  • More than 200 plants; Home wastage used as nutrients; Honoured by Kerala government

Mangaluru:  It is surprising to hear that it is possible to grow grapes and apples in Mangaluru which is hot and humid. In this backdrop, it is impossible to believe that a farm lover has successfully grown grapes and apples with yield on the terrace of his house!


Manky stand Marnamikatte’s Blany Dsouza has created a record by successfully growing cold climate preferring grapes and apple plants on his house terrace. Blany D’Souza’s house is located along a lane in Jaihind Nagara of Marnamikatte and the small farm at top his house terrace is a big experimental lab for a wide variety of plants. The small farm in an area of 1,200 sq feet consists of over 200 plants including vegetables, fruits and a variety of plants from abroad. The farm has a variety of vegetable yields including tomato, brinjal, bitter-gourd, green beans, lady finger, gherkins, bottle gourd, red/green spinach, varieties of chilies, cucumber, ash gourd, snake gourd, ivy gourd, pumpkin and the like. The mango tree, jackfruit tree are full with yield. The variety of fruits on his terrace includes grapes, sweet lime (musumbi), oranges, star apple, tamarind, guava, mango, custard apple, lime and others. He also has fruit bearing plants from abroad like Jamaica Milk Fruit, Chinese Orange Fruit, White Sapota and Australian passion fruit among others. Besides these, he also has Soy, pumpkin, cloves, pepper, mint, ginger, papaya, Green Apple, Yellow Apple, Pomegranate, Egg Fruits among others.

Terrace cultivation experiment

Normally, terrace cultivation involves vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruit plants. But Blany D’Souza has shown that it is also possible to grow tree sized plants on the terrace as well. Jackfruit plant grown in a pot has given yield similar to a jackfruit tree grown on the ground. He has also grown mango trees in pots which have borne fruit. He has grown almost 25 different species of mango trees including Talapady. He has been successful in growing grapes creepers which have borne him fruit. His terrace garden has red and green grapes. He has also grown dates plant. More than all of this, the apple plant which he had planted as an experiment has also bloomed flowers. “I had the record of having successfully grown grapes plant. Now, if I the apple plant bears fruit successfully, then that record will also be mine,” says Blany D’Souza.

Noticing his achievements in cultivation, the Kerala government has honoured him. He uses the wastage generated at his house as nutrients for his terrace cultivation. He puts the wastage from the kitchen into a mixie and converts that into powder. Then he mixes it into 20 liters of water and pours that to the plants. He also puts the leaves of the vegetable plants to the roots.


A school for students

The terrace cultivation of Blany D’Souza is an attraction for students as well as those interested in cultivation. This year, more than 30,000 students from schools and colleges have visited his farm and gained knowledge.

“If everyone grows plants on their house terrace or in their courtyards, the whole region will become full of greenery. Pure air will be available. Also the mind will gain peace. It will be possible to introduce to the upcoming generations our variety of trees and plants,” explains Blany Dsouza.

Grow fruit bearing plants on the roadside

“Instead of planting useless trees on the road side, plant fruit bearing trees. Later, it will bears fruit, it will become food for humans, animals and birds. Do not throw the seeds into the dustbin after consuming the fruits. Put those seeds in some empty area. At least two seeds will germinate,” advises Balny D’Souza

Attraction towards cultivation

“Blany D’souza was working as an auditor in Dubai and his love for cultivation became the inspiration for his terrace farm. Since childhood I loved cultivation. I used to collect seeds fallen on the road and plant them at home. When the seeds germinated, I felt very happy. Then I worked for some years as an auditor abroad and when I returned back home, my mind was always being attracted by cultivation. This became the foundation for the terrace cultivation,” explains Blany D’souza, owner of the farm

Article by Keshava Kunder translated into English by Aaron Dmello


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