A seal addicted to humans and junk food is sent to rehab

11:18 AM Apr 18, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Some argue that human addiction is more deadly than drugs and other toxic substances. Is it possible to say the same thing about animals?


Although the answer is not a loud ‘yes,’ it is common to see pets get connected to their owners and guardians over time.

Experts are mystified by one extreme incidence of human addiction because it involves a sea animal that is usually found in its natural habitat rather than in private houses.

Because of its addiction to humans, a seal has been placed in rehabilitation. According to specialists, this could be extremely harmful to the animal’s health.

Spearmint is the name of the pinniped in question. She has evolved the habit of being sociable with humans in the Plymouth Sound area of Devon. Her caretakers and authorities became concerned about her fitness and health as a result of her addiction.


According to reports, she has been transferred to a therapy facility aimed at restoring her fitness before she is released back into the wild.

Beachgoers in Plymouth and Cawsand Bay, Cornwall, gave Spearmint with sandwiches, doughnuts, ice cream, fish, and other food, which he devoured.

Experts began to notice that she had grown overly reliant on food provided by humans and had stopped eating her regular meals.

The animal is currently being cared for by the RSPCA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) at a facility in Somerset. Once her rehab phase is through, she will be released back into the water in Scotland.

“Her interest in humans grew once released as she was fed regularly by tourists. After multiple relocations she found Cawsand Bay where a team of volunteers was able to control the situation better and keep people away,” said Jessica Collins, who is crowdfunding Spearmint’s treatment.
Spearmint has had bodily problems in addition to a change in her eating habits. According to the RSPCA, she has pus oozing out of her ears, which is being treated with medicines and injections.
This is the second time Spearmint has been required to be rehabilitated. The first time it happened was due to a human disturbance.

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