AASRA Group of Hospitals, Karnataka's First Mako Robotic Surgery Hospital Scripts 50 Robotic Surgeries in a Record Time

08:11 PM Jul 27, 2022 | PTI |

Bengaluru: AASRA Group of Hospitals has reached its first milestone of 50 Robotic Surgeries within a record one-month period Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Business Wire India AASRA Group of Hospitals has completed over 50 robotic surgeries since its launch in June 2022. AASRA is the first Hospital to use MAKO Smart Robotics in Karnataka and the second hospital in Karnataka to use CMR Surgical Robotic System in various surgeries conducted to date.


AASRA hospital becomes the first hospital in Karnataka to use CMR Surgical Robotic System for surgeries across various specializations including gynecological, urological, gastrointestinal, thoracic, and many more.

The hospital under the leadership of Dr. Jagadish Hiremath specializes in precision-based surgical services and has brought human errors to almost Zero leading to reduced morbidity and improved recovery time in all the surgeries done at the hospital to date.

Robotic surgeries being a costly affair for a common man across the world, AASRA Hospitals has made precision care available to patients at the cost of conventional surgeries to make Robotic Surgeries affordable for a common man.

During its first 50 surgeries, AASRA Group of Hospitals has offered plenty of benefits for its patients in 3 areas compared to conventional open surgical procedures:

  • Precision Surgery with a minimal pain
  • Little to no time of Hospital stay with Tech-Enabled Post-Operative monitoring
  • Lesser blood loss and infection lead to shorter recovery time for patients

Dr. Jagadish Hiremath, Chairman at AASRA Group of Hospitals said, “It is indeed a delight that we have been able to complete 50 robotic surgeries within one month since launch. We started with a mission to provide precision care at an affordable cost to patients using a judicious mix of clinical knowledge in association with advanced medical technology used today in medical electronics, medical robotics, and medical software platforms. Our highly trained and accomplished doctors who are pioneers in their respective fields and equally well-trained medical and non-medical staff have worked hard to reach our first milestone within a short period of time. We ensure evidence-based medicine and protocol-based care to all our patients.”

Dr, P C Jagadeesh, Chief Orthopedic Surgeon and Director of Robotic Joint Replacement at AASRA Group of Hospitals said, “Using 3D vision with robotic assistance we have been able to conduct surgeries with improved precision which has resulted in decreased hospital stay and faster recovery compared to conventional surgery. We have brought down the chances of complications during the surgery which is upto 18% in conventional surgeries.”

About AASRA Group of Hospitals

AASRA Group of Hospitals is revolutionizing healthcare delivery with the new generation of Technology enabled Hospitals that are involved in Robotics assisted surgeries, Intelligent Robotic Ventilation, Advanced Computer Assisted Interventions, and Artificial Intelligence based Software platforms for post-operative care enabling doctors, surgeons, and intensivists to perform procedures with absolute precision.

  • Headquarters: Bangalore, India
  • Website:

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