Abhigya Anand: Boy who predicted Covid-19 warns world of another severe outbreak

10:50 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
Abhigya Anand, a young astrologer’s video became viral on social media platforms as he had predicted the coronavirus outbreak way back in August 2019. Now, the astrologer has uploaded another video on YouTube. In August 2019, he uploaded a video on his channel, titled ‘Severe Danger To The World From Nov 2019 To April 2020’. Abhigya had claimed that Covid-19 outbreak will cease on May 31. However, the young Indian astrologer shockingly revealed that May 31 will not mark the end of the outbreak, but will reduce the spread for just two days. As per Abhigya, humans will not hear any kind of good news until June 31. Now, In his recent video, Abhigya claims that another disaster will hit the earth on December 20, 2020, and it will continue until March 31, 2021 He claims that another disaster which will hit the earth on December 20, 2020, will be more severe than the coronavirus outbreak which is creating chaos in the world. He also said that its impact will lasts till March 2021 He said that only if we gain immunity, we will be able to protect ourselves from these pandemic outbreaks in the future. He also said that we must stop killing animals and harming mother nature in any way as we are increasing our Karma and if we do not stop we will have to face the wrath of mother earth. He urged all the meat vendors to give up their profession as a sacrifice. Abhigya has predicted that there might be another outbreak or a disaster more severe than this starting from December 20 this year to March 31st next year. So, our immune system should be prepared to handle this outbreak.

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