AI, once a research subject, today a reality!

11:52 AM Apr 12, 2024 | Press Release |

Artificial Intelligence or AI, once a research subject, is today a reality. Although it is difficult to actually understand what it exactly is or the definition of it, it is necessary for each one of us to understand how it is going to affect our lives. It is enough to understand that our computer has become as intelligent as the Human!


The immense speed at which the computer processes can come up with a solution to a problem much, much faster that the human brain!

For instance, you want to travel to many places and have to chalk out a travel plan. AI will present the best plan taking into account all the pitfalls. You have to write a congratulatory letter to your colleague. Let AI do it!

Large corporates are relying on AI for security, verification, clarification and background checks of their employees as well as clients. Through the implementation of AI and robotics, repetitive functions are now fully automated.

This has helped companies to increase speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness in their services.


Take a look at today’s airline industry, the number of flights departing from each airport and the number of destinations provided by each airline combined with all sorts of offers! The airline industry extensively uses Artificial Intelligence to improve flight operations including revenue management, air-safety, maintenance, feedback analysis, communication automation, crew management, fuel efficiency optimization.

Robotic surgery is another bright area in medical science. Robots are being trained through human surgeon activities and imaging data supply. They are fast, accurate and smart enough to evolve according to the patient’s needs.

Our life in the future will be tech based. We can enrich our lives by learning about AI and how to apply it in our work to make ourselves more efficient and skilful in the workplace. We can learn about AI to apply it in our personal lives to gain knowledge about the things we may purchase for our homes, or the education that your child must pursue, or to travel to places which are affordable as well as safe.

Imagine this. Our Washing machines, TVs, and air-conditioners, cars can be operated from distance. What if you come home and your dinner is also ready, thanks to a robotic kitchen which acts on your command!

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