Animals at Pilikula Zoo weary under sweltering heat!

01:41 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Additional fans and sprinklers installed to provide relief to animals and birds


Mangaluru: The temperatures are rising by the day and the people in the city are exhausted by the sweltering heat. It is a major challenge to move around in the city in the afternoons. Now even the animals are feeling the burn of the heat. The animals at Pilikula zoo are completely tired, affected by the continuous heat and hence special attention is being given to provide some relief to the animals.

This time, in order to keep the animals cool at Pilikula zoo, additional fans have been installed and also water is periodically sprinkled on the animals. Specially, big animals like lions, tigers, leopards and bears normally develop problems because of the heat. Hence, care is being taken to make sure that the animals are well provided of water. It has been seen to it that along with the availability of water to the animals, care has also been taken to provide water in the areas where the animals roam. Besides, fan facility has also been provided to the animals outside their enclosure. Even though fan facility has been provided here since before, during the months of March, April and May, there is rise in temperatures and hence as much as 10 fans need to be installed outside the animal enclosures. When the temperatures rise, the bodies of the animals are sprinkled with water through pipes to maintain the temperature. During the afternoons, this process is repeated 2-3 times in a regulated manner.  Initially, the animals were scared of this system and expressed anger, but soon they learnt the pleasures of the system. What is special is that, sprinklers have been installed on top of the areas in the zoo where animals loiter.

As the water falls from the top, the animals gladly stay beneath it welcoming the respite from the heat. The process of sprinkling water is also being used on birds. Areas where deer and bison loiter have been provided with water for the animals to drink. White colour paint has been used on the roof of some of the animal enclosures since the white colour reflects the light and hence helps in bringing the temperature within the enclosure. A few of the enclosures have been installed with roof made of intertwined leaves. Additional water facility has been provided in the enclosures housing snakes. Thus a cool environment is being provided to the reptiles. Water is also being sprinkled from the top in the enclosures housing the reptiles.

Pilikula: No water problem


Even though Pilikula is covered by trees and plants, heat still persists here. Thus the animals need to consume more water. In the park which is spread over 150 acres, there are over a 1,000 animals-bird belonging to 98 species. Pilikula zoo holds the fame of housing the highest number of tigers. Currently, a 25 hp pump set is being used to pump water out from Phalguni River. The water is then stored in the 4 overhead tanks in Pilikula and then circulated around. Besides, water is also being pumped out of 5 bore wells in Pilikula.

Action to keep the animals cool

“Action has been taken at Pilikula to contain the heat being face by the animals and birds in the zoo due to the rise in the temperatures. Attempts are being made to maintain a cool environment for the animals by using fans and sprinkling water. Also, water tanks and pools and have been created at some places,” informed H Jayaprakash Bhandary, Director, Pilikula Biological Park

Article by Dinesh Ira translated into English by Aaron Dmello


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