Are you a control freak? This illusion tests just that!

03:46 PM May 10, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Seeing is believing! It’s a common belief that what we see through our eyes is true. But that may not be the case always.


Optical illusions are one such example. One person might see one thing in such images, while the other might notice something else.

That’s because we don’t see without eyes, but without brains! Yes, that’s right. Contrary to popular belief, we see with our brains which interpret the data gotten from the eyes.

And this quality of our brain to notice different things can reveal hidden secrets about your preferences and character.

This unique optical illusion may show if you are a control freak or not, The Brightside said in a YouTube video.


Take a look at this picture:

What did you see FIRST?
Note down your answer.
Scroll down to view the answer!
Almost there… Continue scrolling…
Alright! Here’s the answer for you.

Credit: Brightside

If you saw something resembling  two crocodiles touching noses
You try to “be in control of every situation”. You’d rather be in charge than follow instructions and orders from someone else.
If you first noticed a bird  
It means you are more comfortable following the instructions of someone else.
 Did you find this useful? Try this on your friends and find out if they are control freaks or not!

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