Are you sensitive or superficial? Take this visual test to find out!

12:33 PM May 11, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Optical illusions are a fun way to discover more about yourself and others around you. If you are searching for a fun way to mingle with your family and friends this exercise is what you were looking for!


Our brains are remarkable. “Our minds tend to deceive us by using colors and patterns to create visuals that may not be present. But once the brain has processed the information with the focus of the eyes, we may find out that what we saw doesn’t really match the actual image,” The Minds Journal said.

The illusion, “one of his most creative works” by Surrealist painter Octavio Ocampo, claims to reveal the sensitive side of your personality. The following images are created “by superimposing and contrasting realistic and pictorial details into a single image.”


Take a look at these two pictures. What do you see first?




Well, hopefully you have your answer ready. Scroll down to view the answer.



The Minds journal said what you see first reveals whether you are a sensitive person or a superficial person.



If you saw a flower first then… 

“It means you’re a sensitive and intuitive person. You’re a great listener and focus on the things that are meaningful to you,” the minds journal said.

“In addition, the flower signifies being delicate and simplistic. You are compassionate, intuitive, and tend to do anything to support the people you love.”



If you spotted a lady’s face first then

“It means that you have a lot of inner strength and like challenges in life,” the report said.

“Despite hardships, you’ve turned out to be a beautiful person. You’ve been through a lot hence, you may appear superficial. But the ones who really know the kind of person you are will be able to tell that you’re an amazing person.”


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