Baby goat born with 19-inch ears in Pakistan

12:13 PM Jun 23, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

A newborn goat with extraordinarily long ears that measure 19 inches may hold the Guinness World Record.


Simba, which translates to “lion” in Swahili, was born only recently in Karachi, Pakistan. She has drawn locals’ attention and has already achieved celebrity status.

Simba, a Nubian goat who is only a few weeks old, has large ears like other goat breeds. Although Simba has reportedly broken a world record.

When she was born with such long ears, her owner Muhammad Hassan Narejo was surprised. Simba walks with her big ears dragging on the ground. They sway in the wind and hang low on either side of her face.

There are currently no goats holding a Guinness World Record for the longest ears of goats – but there are dogs who hold the same honour.


Simba’s long ears are most likely the product of a hereditary disease or gene mutation.

Narejo believes Simba will soon have a legitimate Guinness world record.

High-quality, high-butterfat milk from Nubian goats can be consumed directly or used to make ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, and butter. They have a longer breeding season than other dairy goats and may survive in extremely hot areas.

The Sindh province is home to the Kamori breed of goat, which is the most prevalent breed in Pakistan.


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