Bengaluru man extorted 1.5 Cr by fake Mumbai police

04:04 PM Nov 21, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

A man in the city fell victim to an extortion scheme where he was coerced into transferring Rs 1.5 crore rupees by individuals posing as Mumbai police. The case has now been brought to light, leading to an investigation.


The accused initially contacted the complainant on November 10, assuming the identity of a FedEx courier representative named Karthikeyan. Claiming that a drug courier addressed to the complainant had been seized by customs officials at the airport, the accused threatened to file a case against him. The complainant, denying any connection to the alleged courier, was instructed by the imposter to contact the police.

Shortly after, the same individual, now posing as Mumbai Cybercrime Police, contacted the complainant again. Providing personal and courier details, the accused asserted that no case would be filed if additional money was transferred. Fearing arrest and facing threats of drug trafficking charges, the complainant succumbed to the pressure and transferred 1.52 crores in increments to the accounts specified by the imposters.

As suspicion arose, the complainant, reported the incident to the police.


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