Bengaluru: Specially-abled delivery agent wins hearts online

01:34 PM Aug 13, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: A LinkedIn post of specially-abled man delivering food has won hearts online with netizens praising his courage and perseverance


Rohit Kumar Singh, a resident of Bengaluru, ordered food through a delivery application on Sunday. A delay in the delivery of food made him impatient and angry.

But, when the executive rang Singh’s doorbell, he was shocked to see a specially-abled man, smiling graciously with his food order.

The man with a bright smile is Krishnappa Rathod. He lost his job at a cafe during the COVID-19 pandemic – but despite all the odds, he chose to be a delivery person. So says Singh, in a lengthy LinkedIn post dedicated to Rathod.

“He [Rathod] has three children but due to his financial condition could not get all of them to Bangalore for a better education. From getting up in the early morning to working the entire day tirelessly defying all the odds is the superpower he possesses,” Singh wrote.


He further explained on the platform how Rathod was very calm, despite Rohit calling him multiple times to inquire about food.

During the first call, Singh said, Rathod, with a comforting tone told him that he “will arrive in some time, sir”.

A few more minutes passed. Since Rathod didn’t arrive, and it was drizzling, Singh called him again. Once, more with a comforting tone, Rathod told him that he would arrive in five minutes.

And he did. When the bell rang, Rohit opened the door – maybe also to express his disappointment or so he says – and was surprised to see the executive.

“When I opened the door – I saw a person graciously smiling at me with the order in his hand. Mid 40’s, grey hair, trying to balance himself with crutches & smiling at me, I was numb for a second & feeling stupid to get impatient sitting on my comfortable bed. In my head, I was wondering what all struggle he had to go through to get this order to me. I immediately apologized to him and tried to have a conversation,” Singh wrote.

While they spoke for two-three minutes, Rathod said he was getting late for another delivery.

“Krishannpa left, leaving behind so many questions that are really hard for me to answer.”

The post won the hearts of netizens and received over 13,000 likes and more than 700 comments.

“Can we improve his mobility by getting him better prosthetics? I’ll try to call him on the number you have provided,” replied one user.

“Courage comes in various forms, shapes and colors. Jai Bharat. Allow me to help. Please connect with me,” wrote another user.

Many others too asked Singh for Rathod’s GooglePay number, so that they can provide him financial help.


(Source: News9)


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