BJP set up 'biggest market of hate': Cong on Nadda's 'nafrat ka mega mall' barb at Rahul

06:13 PM Jun 06, 2023 | PTI |

The Congress on Tuesday accused the BJP of setting up the ”biggest market of hate”, hitting back at the ruling party’s chief J P Nadda over his ‘nafrat ka mega shopping mall’ barb at Rahul Gandhi.


Speaking to reporters here, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate alleged that the BJP follows Godse’s ideology of hate.

”There cannot be any market in the world bigger than the ‘Nafrat Ka Bazaar’ that the BJP has set up,” she said.

Responding to Nadda’s barb at Rahul Gandhi, Shrinate said the former Congress chief has made it clear that the fight in the country is between the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and that of Godse.

”If one is standing with (Mahatma) Gandhi, they are standing on the side of love, non-violence and truth. If one is standing with Godse, they are standing on the side of hatred,” the Congress leader said.


”I want to ask J P Nadda and other BJP leaders and ministers why they were continuously supporting Godse. What is their love for him,” she asked.

Shrinate said Nadda should answer why he sits next to people like Pragya Thakur who are ”worshippers of Godse”.

”The prime minister and the home minister follow such people who raise Godse slogans on Gandhi’s anniversary,” she said, adding, ”The fight is between Gandhi and Godse. We are standing with Gandhi and they are with Godse.” Rahul Gandhi mentioned in the United States that India’s democracy was vibrant but attempts were being made to weaken it through the misuse of various agencies, Shrinate added.

She also alleged that BJP leaders and its machinery have been working overtime to spread ”fake news” ever since Rahul Gandhi landed in the US.

BJP president Nadda on Monday launched a blistering attack on Rahul Gandhi, alleging that the former Congress president was not running any ”shop of love” but has opened a ”mega shopping mall of hatred”.

Nadda said that the nine years of the Narendra Modi government have transformed the country and its progress is being recognised by the world now.

”But whenever India sets new records, the ‘yuvraj’ of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, cannot digest India’s pride,” he charged.

”On the one hand, he raises questions on the surgical strike, talks about dividing Hindu-Muslim, makes efforts to divide the society, and on the other hand, he says that he is running ‘mohabbat ki dukan’ (shop of love)…You are not running any ‘mohabbat ki dukan’. You have opened ‘nafrat ka mega shopping mall’,” the BJP president said.

The Congress in its habit of opposing Modi has started opposing the country, he said while addressing an event after releasing a book titled ”Amrit Kaal Ki Ore” (towards Amrit Kaal), which is an account of the nine years of the Modi government.

Comparing the Congress-led UPA and the BJP-led NDA’s tenures at the Centre, Nadda said there is ”a massive difference” between the times before and after 2014 when the Narendra Modi dispensation came at the helm.

”Earlier, people believed that nothing would change and corruption could never be wiped out. Our country was counted as one of the corrupt nations. There was no leadership, intention or policy,” Nadda said.

After people voted for the BJP in 2014 and the NDA government was formed under Prime Minister Modi, he said, India got leadership, policy and a dispensation with ”clean intent” to take the country on the path of progress.


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