BJP's 'politics of deceit' has even dragged down home ministry: Mehbooba

04:53 PM Jan 04, 2023 | PTI |

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday hit out at the BJP saying its ”politics of deceit” has dragged down even the home ministry. She was reacting to a ministry report on Jammu and Kashmir.


”Shocked that BJPs politics of deceit has dragged down even the Home Ministry. Not only does this report reek of lies but it also discredits a crucial portfolio once headed by Sardar Vallabhai Patel,” Mehbooba said in a series of tweets.

Reacting to the part of the report where it said democracy in Jammu and Kashmir earlier meant only ‘three families’, the former ally of the BJP also made an oblique reference to BCCI secretary Jay Shah, who is son of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

”At least we the so called ‘dynasts’ worked diligently hard to stand where we are today. None of us have been airdropped into heading BCCI,” she said.

Mehbooba also hit out at the media saying, ”All of GOIs brazen lies are passed off as the truth since a pliable media assists them in carrying these lies to the masses. Instead of seeking accountability from the government, they have put the public on a slow drip of hatred against minorities.” Talking to reporters after a party meeting, she said it was sad that the home ministry was taking things in Jammu and Kashmir so lightly.


”What can one say about the MHA report! It is sad that they are taking things so lightly. They are behaving as if panchayat elections have been held in Jammu and Kashmir for the first time. Panchayat elections in Jammu and Kashmir were first held at the time of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. After that, in Farooq Sahib’s time. ”They are telling lie after lie. The government gave figures of investment in the Parliament. What are those figures and what are the figures given in the MHA report? How much can they lie?” she asked.

Mehbooba said the BJP was misusing religion for political gains and it will have bad consequences.

”They don’t have jobs to give to the people, so they have to demolish homes in Haldwani. Whenever religion is misused for political gains, the consequences have been disastrous. You can see what happened in a neighbouring country or in Syria where Islam was presented in the wrong way. Similarly BJP is using another religion in a wrong way,” she said.

Asked about possibility of Ladakh getting land rights’ protection, she said it will be a good thing.

”Ladakh is also our part. if they get any relief, it is a good thing. However, the point is that they did not form any committee when they had to repeal 370 and 35A. They dont form any committees when they pass new laws to snatch our land and jobs. Why are they doing this drama of committee? If they want to protect the identity and land of Ladakh, just do it,” Mehbooba said. She said Kashmiris, Dogras and Ladakhis lost their identity when article 370 was repealed. ”The worst affected are the Dogras who voted for BJP … we saw the Rajouri incident, we have seen the loss of business in Jammu, the contracts of mining and major construction projects likes AIIMS are given to outsiders. ”Even liquor contracts are given to people from outside Jammu and Kashmir. They want people of Jammu to consume alcohol but to earn money, they have people from elsewhere,” she added. On the eviction drive launched by the government in Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba alleged that the BJP was pursuing the Israeli settlers’ policy. ”They are removing people from state land where they have been living for centuries. This is part of their plan. Same as happening in Uttarakhand,” she said.


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