Bollywood Movies Are Gaining More And More Global Popularity

12:14 PM Aug 30, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

There is no hiding that Indian films have been making their way around the globe for a long time. However, their recent influence on the international market may come as a surprise. With globalization came the adaptation of Bollywood films to Western audiences and tastes, which led to the films’ growing success in the West.


So, what effects does globalization have on the economy? More importantly, how does this bode for the future of Bollywood movies?

Increasing Global Reach

After establishing itself as a sector of the entertainment business dedicated to showcasing songs and dances for the benefit of an Indian audience, it has since gained the respect of people worldwide. 

The Bollywood industry has come a long way since its infancy, with significant strides in marketing, distribution, and funding. 


The filmmakers are attempting to portray universal stories. Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO, has predicted that the country of India will be the primary source of the company’s next 100 million subscribers. In this scenario, Indian content that has been localized for international audiences would be available on more global platforms like Netflix, expanding its reach and familiarizing more people with Indian media. The familiarity with Indian content and exposure for Indian makers to global platforms will become the single largest engine for disseminating Indian content across countries, much like Indian food and Yoga have spread beyond continents.

Bollywood is Now Being Able to Cater to the International Market

Many of the world’s earliest literary works originated in India, like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. Today, Indian technicians are not equipped with the most significant equipment, technology, and skill to present these stories to an international audience. 

As a result of increased international cooperation, however, we are witnessing the recognition of Indian masters such as AR Rahman and Resul Pukooty on a global stage, the arrival of foreign filmmakers such as Majid Majidi who are shooting in India and no longer portraying the country as the home of snake charmers. 

The inclusion of Indian legends such as Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor in the Oscars Honorarium, but with very great interesting storylines now as seen in Shamshera, Heropanti 2. Bollywood is now incorporating casino-themed content, as seen in the latest real money online casino in India, Teen Patti. India is gradually acquiring a share in the global market. Bollywood’s participation in the worldwide movie market is still very limited. But if filmmakers keep producing work that speaks to people worldwide, its popularity might explode.

The Influence Of Bollywood On International Trade And Product Development

Export and import have been affected by Bollywood’s increasing popularity around the world. More and more people worldwide are looking for music, apparel, and other merchandise connected to the popular Bollywood film industry. As a result of this surge in interest, exports have increased, broadening Bollywood’s already significant influence on the global economy.

The success of Bollywood movies has also benefited the economies of neighboring countries. For example, many Asian buyers now look to Qatar as a primarily Middle Eastern commodity supplier.

The rising demand for Bollywood memorabilia has allowed Qatar to open up land, air, and sea cargo routes to the Philippines and other Asian countries. As a result, devoted followers have an easier time obtaining merchandise that isn’t readily available in their home nation.

What Does the Future Hold?

Bollywood movies are more popular than ever abroad. Hollywood production companies are taking notice of the genre’s growing popularity in the West. Further development and success for Bollywood are expected as the industry becomes increasingly internationalized.

Bollywood’s rising star power is a massive opportunity for the Indian economy. If Bollywood keeps making well-received films worldwide, India may soon be seen as a major cultural and economic force.


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