Boys, 11 and 12, among seven named in FIR for UP cow slaughter

03:42 PM Dec 05, 2018 | Team Udayavani |

Bulandshahr (UP): Villagers have questioned the inclusion of at least four out of seven names in an FIR over alleged cow slaughter, with a family claiming that two of their children, aged 11 and 12 years, were named in it.


Other villagers also disputed the names of two men in the FIR, saying one did not live in the village and the other was working in the Ijtima at Bulandshahr when the violence had broken out after a mob protested against cattle slaughter.

Police said they were probing the matter.

The FIR was lodged Monday on a complaint by Bajrang Dal’s Yogesh Raj, who is accused in another FIR on mob violence.

The children are cousins, one of whom is a student of class 6 and another a student of class 5. They are residents of Naya Bans village, less than 3 km from Chingrawathi police post where violence had broken out.


The father of the class 5 student, said, “Their names should be removed from the FIR which accuses them of cow slaughter. Just look at them (suggesting their age).” 

The 42-year-old, who had lost his right foot during a motorcycle accident six years ago, said the children stay at home in the village where he works as a blacksmith.

“I was summoned at the police station in Siyana yesterday. I was told that the names (of the children) are in the FIR. I was made to wait for three hours and told that kaptan saahab (local police chief) would enquire something. But nothing happened and I returned home,” he claimed.

The mother of the class 6 student said the police reached their house Tuesday at 2.15 am and started conducting checking. “They left at 2.30 am before leaving everything in the house messed up,” she claimed.

She said the police officials who “barged” into the house kept saying two names and asserted that were accused of cow slaughter. They asked her where she was “hiding them”.

“I told them nobody by that name lives here and they left,” she said.

Her husband lives and works in Delhi. The father of the class 5 student said when he was told about it over the phone, her husband said to him to get the matter resolved as he cannot come.

A neighbour claimed that while the father of class 6 student said he was busy, he was actually avoiding visiting the village due to the tension.

Another villager Mohd Hussain alleged that his brother Safruddin, 36, was also wrongly named in the FIR.

“Several people from Naya Bans, including Safruddin, had gone for the Ijtima in Bulandshahr. He was there from November 29 and returned yesterday. He was given the duty to manage parking at the Ijtima,” Hussain said, showing an Ijtima management slip that named Safruddin as a parking official.

Safruddin has three children including a 14-year-old daughter and two sons, 12 and 8. He works as a cloth trader in Siyana market, 3 km from their village, Hussain told PTI outside Siyana Police Station, while his brother was inside following summons by the police.

A visit to Naya Bans village by PTI and queries about another accused Sudaif Chaudhary in the FIR yielded no results. Locals said nobody by that name lives in the village.

Superintendent of Police, City, Pravin Ranjan Singh said the names were written as part of the complaint.

“This (the allegations over wrong names in FIR) is part of analysis and verification,” he told reporters.


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