Broken floorboard on KSRTC bus endangers passengers on Shimoga-Harihara route

03:16 PM May 25, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Shimoga: Passengers traveling on the KSRTC bus between Shimoga and Harihara are urged to exercise extreme caution due to hazardous conditions on board.


The floorboard of the bus number is broken, creating a visible pothole beneath one of the seats.

This dangerous defect poses a significant risk, especially to children who could potentially fall through the hole. Despite the evident danger, the corporation officials have not addressed the issue, leaving passengers vulnerable.

The bus conductor and driver have also ignored the problem, forcing passengers to travel with heightened anxiety and concern for their safety. Immediate attention and repair are essential to prevent any potential accidents and ensure the safety of all travelers on this route.


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