BS-6 fuel: MRPL ready

01:35 AM Apr 05, 2020 | aaron |
Mangaluru: The union government has already directed all oil companies to produce petrol, diesel at BS-6 standards from April next year. A separate unit at the cost of Rs 1810 crore is being created at MRPL in the city and will be supplying BS-6 grade fuel to the state from January next year. With the aim to reduce air pollution, the central government has been implementing ‘Bharat Sanchar’ emission standards in different phases. Presently “BS-4” is in effect. From 2020 onwards, BS-6 standard fuel will be used instead of BS-5. The production of vehicles will also be in tune to this standard. The technology required to produce BS-6 grade diesel is already available with MRPL. The separate unit is required for the production of BS-6 petrol and the unit in this concern is being built at the available land. It is expected to be completed by December. Preparations have been made to make use of it from January next year. 1% sulfur! During the beginning of MRPL, there was opportunity for the addition of up to 1% of sulfur in the production of diesel. Later, 0.50% was being used. Eventually it reduced to 2,500, 500, 350 ppm. Under BS-4 standards, only up to 50 ppm of sulfur could be used in the production of diesel and petrol. In BS-6, it is expected to go down even further. Zinc free petrol Earlier, zinc used to be mixed with petrol. Zinc is a pollutant. The union government directed the provision of fuel without zinc from the year 2000 onward. However, MRPL was already producing zinc free fuel since 1996, almost four before the implementation of the direction. No problem for BS-4 vehicles Presently, there are vehicles in the country which have the capacity to use BS-4 fuel. The vehicles being introduced into the market from April next year will be of BS-6 standards. Even after this, vehicles with BS-4 standards can use BS-6 standard fuel. But since, the engine standards and the fuel standards vary, effective control of air pollution will not be possible. What is BS-6? Bharat stage emission standards are emission standards instituted by the Government of India to regulate the output of CO2 and air pollutants from vehicles. Air pollution is directly proportional to the amount of sulfur in the fuel. Hence, the governments have been giving importance to the rule of bringing down the pollutants. Currently, BS-4 is in effect in the country. Later, when BS-6 comes into effect, the amount of pollution will be further reduced. MRPL; statewide distribution of fuel Of the total amount of fuel being produced by MRPL, 75% of it is distributed within the state limits. A little of the remaining amount of fuel is divided between Kerala and Goa. Every year, MRPL produces around 6 lakh tonnes of diesel, 10 lakh tonnes of petrol and 10 lakh tonnes of LPG. The total business done by the company is around Rs 60,000 crore. Unit completion in December The union government has directed to supply BS-6 standard fuel from April 1st. Accordingly, the necessary units are being constructed at the cost of Rs 1,810 crore. The work is expected to be completed in December. We are ready to supply BS-6 grade fuel from January 1st itself – M Venkatesh, Managing Director, MRPL

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