Chaotic clash: Students accuse KSRTC bus conductor of assault

11:06 AM Jun 19, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

A KSRTC bus was waylaid by an outraged crowd of students and locals after allegations surfaced, with students accusing the bus conductor of forcibly pushing and mistreating them during boarding.


The incident took place when the students engaged in a heated argument with the conductor, accusing him of mistreatment while they were attempting to board the bus at Ujire. Subsequently, the infuriated students summoned the residents of Charmady to gather at the Charmady check post.

As the bus reached the Charmady check post, agitated locals congregated on the road and obstructed the bus, leading to a chaotic scene.

Police personnel present at the check post attempted to restore order and defuse the situation, but their efforts were met with resistance. It is alleged that the students on board resorted to verbal abuse towards the driver, conductor.

Moreover, they also made physical threats against the conductor and driver.


Dharmasthala Police Sub-Inspector Anil Kumar and his team swiftly arrived at the scene, employing their efforts to regain control over the situation. However, due to the incident, the bus experienced a delay of approximately one and a half hours before it was able to resume its journey towards Moodigere from Charmady.

Conductor of the bus, Shivakumar lodged a formal complaint with the Dharmasthala police, prompting an investigation into the matter.

The entire incident was captured on mobile phones by bystanders and the same went viral on social media platforms.


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