Check early signs of COVID-19: Know what your lungs say

10:38 AM Apr 29, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Coronavirus directly affects the lungs as COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, one that reaches into the respiratory tract including the lungs. It causes a range of breathing problems, from mild to critical.


Coronavirus can infect the upper or lower part of the respiratory tract. As it travels down the airways, the lining can become irritated and inflamed. The infection in some cases reaches all the way down to the alveoli.

Studies state that about 80 percent of people who have COVID-19 get mild to moderate symptoms. Dry cough or a sore throat are a few symptoms. Few people have pneumonia.

Almost 25 percent of the lungs are already infected with the virus, even before one can see the symptoms.

If you are having trouble breathing then know that the virus is infecting the lungs. Consult a doctor immediately if there is a swelling or strong pain in the lower portion of the lungs. Few signs of being COVID-19 positive may include dry cough, pain in the chest while coughing.


Lung complications like pneumonia, acute respiratory distress, and in fatal cases, total collapse of the lungs can be caused by COVID-19.

Most people recover from pneumonia without any lasting lung damage but coronavirus may cause breathing difficulties that take longer to withdraw completely.

Ways to improve lung functions:

Lung capacity and ling function determine overall lung health. The primary aim should be improving lung function and it can be achieved majorly by exercises.

Physical exercise for a minimum of 30mins for adults and 60mins for kids is important as it allows us to take deeper breaths than usual, ensuring optimum saturation levels.

Consume bananas, apples, tomatoes, and grapes that are rich in natural antioxidants which can reduce chronic inflammation over time.


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