‘Chicken Man’: Man eats entire rotisserie chicken each day for 40 days straight!

03:42 PM Nov 08, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

We have often seen food challenges of eating ‘n’ number of burgers, pizzas, biryanis, etc. But have you seen a man eating an entire rotisserie chicken for 40 days?


As per the reports in Mashable, a person from Philadelphia in the USA named Alexander Tominsky (31) has documented his challenge of eating an entire rotisserie chicken each day for continuous 40 days.

Speaking to The New York Times he said that it was a little bit of inconvenience and sacrifice to him for the joy of the people.

Alexander posted updates of the challenge each day, with his picture of eating an entire rotisserie chicken.


He completed the challenge on November 6 and posted a picture of eating his final chicken on a pier on the Delaware River with around 500 people witnessing it.

As per the reports of The New York Times, during his final day challenge, people were heard chanting “Eat that bird”.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, November 8, Alexander tweeted a picture posted by Twitter user mikey of a board dedicated to “Chicken Man” and wrote, “Thank you Philadelphia and the world for accepting my gift of a public consumption”.

As per the reports Alexander is said to have only had chicken as his daily meal, due to which he has lost 16 pounds in 40 days.


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