Chinese man with ‘urinary issues’ is intersex, with ovaries, uterus and has been menstruating for 20 years

11:04 AM Jul 12, 2022 | Team Udayavani |



In a bizarre incident, a 33-year-old Chinese man, who believed he had urinary problems after years of finding blood in his urine, was told by doctors he had ovaries and uterus.

He also discovered recently that he had been menstruating for 20 years and had both male and female genitalia, according to South China Morning Post.

He then underwent surgery to have his female reproductive organs removed.

He was shocked when he recently discovered after having a chromosome analysis test, that he is biologically female.


The man is a resident of southwest China’s Sichuan province.

He underwent an operation during puberty to correct his irregular urination. Since then, he experienced blood in his urine for years and regular abdominal discomfort. His stomach ache lasted for more than four hours and a doctor diagnosed him with appendicitis. For which, he was given treatment but the problem persisted. It was last year, the man found that he had female sex chromosomes. His medical examinations also revealed that he had female reproductive organs, including a uterus and ovaries. His levels of male sex hormone androgen were below average, while the levels of female sex hormones and ovarian activity were comparable to those found in healthy adult women.

The doctors came to the conclusion that he was born intersex, with both male and female reproductive organs. This means that the blood in his urine and abdominal pain were caused by menstruation. He underwent a surgery last month to correct the problem.


Tribune India


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