Clever sherwani commercial featuring ‘missing Majnu’ is a hit

11:55 AM Dec 28, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Creative advertisements have traditionally been the most effective method of mass communication because they can pique the interest of both new and old clients.


Print and outdoor are no longer the exclusive platforms for creative communication. Because people of all ages may be targeted, digital has become the medium of choice for most brands throughout the world.

However, the timing and appeal of an advertisement can sometimes make all the difference.

CRED is a fantastic example of innovative marketing. The Bangalore-based fintech startup, which was launched in 2018, has gained market trust and praise for its offbeat advertisements showcasing retired athletes, actors, and singers. The brand is now on a roll when it comes to crafting interesting advertisements, which have been seen on TV and social media for months.

When it comes to inventiveness, though, we must not overlook lesser-known firms. This funny newspaper ad by a sherwani vendor in Kolkata, for example, has gone popular on the internet.


The advertisement is unlike any other sherwani advertisement you’ve ever seen. It appears to be a Missing person appeal, which we are accustomed to reading in the media on a daily basis.

The photo of a young man wearing a sherwani appears in the advertisement for the sherwani company ‘Sultan.’

Above the photo, the word MISSING is written in capital letters. At first view, it appears to be a genuine plea.

When one reads the words behind the photo, however, it becomes clear that it is nothing more than commercial copy.

“Tall, fair & handsome, aged about 24 years- Missing my dear son Majnu, Please come back home. Everyone is very upset,” the first line reads.

The family has agreed to the young man’s wishes of marrying ‘Laila’ and wearing a sherwani from SULTAN-The King of Sherwani, according to the letter.

The pitch then goes on to say that the family should travel to the brand’s New Market location because it provides parking.

It goes on to say that the firm will provide kurtas to the complete family and close friends for the reception day.

The outlet’s address, phone number, and Facebook handle are all listed at the bottom of the advertisement.

It appears that the company did something similar a few years ago. Another missing ‘Majnu’ with the exact same copy was seen in an old ad.


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