Colours and their Language

03:19 PM May 19, 2022 | Team Udayavani |



Colours are such an integral part of our lives; we see them everywhere. The shade of the sky, the hues of leaves that change every season, even us, as humans are made of colours. Surprisingly so, colours speak. Colours can talk, and if you carefully listen, they make a lot of sense. They give definitions to simple instances. A small stroke of blue has the power to change the entire painting, and a soft touch of pink can give a beautiful blush to the cheeks.

Interestingly enough, colours do speak. Each colour has its own story to share and if you listen carefully, you might actually hear them talk. Read on to unveil the secrets that colours hide.

Red screams passion. The colour red alludes to strong ardour. It urges you to go conquer the world. It manages to display strength and immense power. Red speaks lines of gallantry and with those who listen, it stands fearlessly all the time.

On the contrasting side, Blue dances to the tunes of tranquillity. It intertwines with the ocean and presents it as a body of calmness. Just like how it paints the sky with hues of serenity. Trust Blue to ooze feelings of peace and some quiet.


One might have a song they listen to when they feel low. Well, just like that, when one feels low, always choose Yellow. Yellow pushes you to swim in feelings of positivity and hope. In simple words, it is a happy colour. Why else are all the Smiley sponge balls yellow?

Orange is the colour that deals with creating an energetic ambience. Walls painted orange have always stimulated a room with intensities of energy and vigour. Any dull moment with a touch of this colour becomes vibrant in an instant.

If you think of Black only as of the colour that comes with sadness and horror, think again. Because black is the colour of elegance. One of the classiest colours that makes anything it embodies a symbol of sophistication and dignity.

When White comes to mind, thoughts of peace come along as well. It seems obvious that white is associated with restfulness. A kind of peace that also comes with purity. Everything that is deemed to be pure has hints of white peeking through here and there.

It is often said that everyone deserves a chance to start over, to do it all again; a second chance. For those who look for chances to renew themselves, the situations they’re in, Green is the colour for them. Green brings with it a second chance; a chance to renew, resurrect and revive.

Everything that exists has a meaning. Needs to have a meaning. Existence is supposed to be meaningful. Just like that, all the colours that exist have meaning. Meanings that can define, shape and alter anything.




Authored by Aditi Agarwal, Media student at Manipal Institute of Communication


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