Communal parties like BJP bigger threat to India than dynastic politics: HD Kumaraswamy

02:25 PM May 28, 2022 | PTI |

Bengaluru: Former Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy criticised PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Pariwarwaadi politics’ remark and said that communal politics is a bigger threat to India as compared to dynastic politics.


Taking to Twitter, Kumaraswamy said,” ‘Family-run political parties are the biggest enemy to the country & the youth. This is also the biggest problem of politics too,’ is the new preaching of Prime Minister Modi
He should have made a realistic study of the background of the BJP’s growth and made the speech. Instead, he has made an electoral style of speech.”

He further said, “Criticizing family-run parties is just an excuse. PM’s main goal is to root-out regional political parties. After the Congress’ rout in many States, the principal opposition parties for the BJP are regional parties. It is not a secret anymore what all the BJP did to finish regional parties. During Emergency, Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Narain without even worried about his failing health, played a pivotal role in brining several regional parties together to form Janata Parivar.”

“This Janata Parivar grew into a big tree and branched out into several parties. BJP is also a part of Janata Parivar. JD(S), JD(U), BJD & SP are all branches of the big Janata Parivar tree. Offshoots of Janata Parivar have not only grown up today but also have deep roots wherever they are,” he added.

“It is not easy to shake these parties leave alone uprooting them. Not that Modi ji doesn’t know this. Jan Sangh which transformed itself into BJP didn’t come to power at the Centre on its own. They came to power with the help of Family run parties. How did NDA take shape? How many parties were there when it was formed? How many are there now in NDA? Today BJP has 303 seats in Lok Sabha. But when they started, how many seats they won? How was its journey? How can Modi ji forget all this? he questioned.


“There are still Family Centric parties in NDA fold. He has been speaking about dynasty rule & corruption. Why is he maintaining stoic silence on the dynasty politics and corruption in his own party. From Karnataka & beyond Vindya’s politics has become family business & corruption is their culture in BJP,” Kumaraswamy further said.

Speaking about ‘Operation Kamala’ he asked, “They purchased MLAs like people buy cattle in a weekly shandy. Does the Prime Minister deny this? Is it untrue that Prime Minister gave official endorsement of this immoral government?”

Kumaraswamy also accused a BJP MLA of demanding money to become Chief Minister. “Was it the family centric party? Or the BJP? “Give Rs 2,500 crore we will make you the CM,’’ was told by a BJP MLA, not us. Leave alone taking action against that BJP MLA, they didn’t even a show cause notice served,” he said.

He concluded by saying, “Leave it…Modi ji didn’t speak about the sale of the CM chair. He has continued his silence even on this grave charge too. This means that charges levelled by the MLA are true. Is it good for the country to sell the CM post like PSI posts. Wiping out regional political parties by citing dynasty rule will not yield any results. India is not just the BJP. India is when all 140 crore people are also included. I believe that the Prime Minister will understand this sentiment.”


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