Congress is “B team of Muslim League,” says V Sunil Kumar

10:27 AM May 03, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: Criticizing Congress, BJP State General Secretary V. Sunil Kumar stated that Congress no longer represents all people and neglects the interests of the poor, castes, sects, and backward classes. He likened Congress to the “B team of Muslim League,” asserting that Muslim loyalty is its sole support.


In an interview with ‘Udayavani’, he praised Prime Minister Modi’s tenure, highlighting protection from external threats like Pakistan and decisive actions during the pandemic. He emphasized a choice between life and Congress’ promises, suggesting that only by staying alive can one benefit from Congress’ guarantees.

Do you think the Congress guarantees will limit the speed of your victory in this election?

Of course not. Prime Minister Modi has made the lives of Indians better. He is committed to the integrity and security of the country. The Congress guarantee has done more harm than good to the people. They (Congress govt) are creating an illusion of welfare by promising Rs 2,000 to women all the while extorting Rs 10,000 from every family. The revenue department has increased the fees for various services to an unheard-of level. People understand all this.

So, people have not benefited from the guarantees? 


The Congress government is supporting its party leaders in the name of guarantees. 25% of the resource collection is being utilized for the promotion of the guarantee schemes. Have you heard that any government has formed an implementation committee of party workers for the implementation of its plans? So what is the job of the government officers?

What is your position regarding the allegations made by Prime Minister Modi regarding the issue of OBC reservation?

The Prime Minister’s statement is reasonable. The truth is clearly visible. OBC community has been treated unfairly for decades. Siddaramaiah is now using the recommendations made by earlier commissions, to consider economic backwardness as a criterion, for his own protection. This cannot be accepted. The constitution itself has not allowed the reservation system based on solely on religion.

Has the party really studied the nature of the injustice done to the OBC class by this?

Not only the party has studied, but when our government was in power we formed a committee headed by Justice Bhaktavatsala to deal with the issue of OBC reservation in local bodies. The Bhaktavatsala Committee had expressed concern in its report that more than 103 castes belonging to backward classes have not been able to even get membership in Gram Panchayats. Keeping all this in mind, our government had removed 4% Muslim reservation. If Siddaramaiah is concerned about the OBCs, he should avoid Muslims taking away the reserved facilities of the backward classes. Otherwise, we will have to fight.

Did the BJP fail to give a suitable answer to the Congress campaign on drought relief?

No. We are highlighting Congress’ betrayal of people’s trust. Siddaramaiah, who accuses the central government of not giving the grant, how much compensation did he give for the loss due to rain damage? Apart from travelling to all the districts, scolding officials, no compensation has been released. People will teach him a lesson for his “double standards”.

Will the guarantee schemes stop after the Lok Sabha elections?

Stopping hte guarantee schemes is Congress’s hidden agenda. In the name of guarantees, the Siddaramaiah government has not given a single paisa in (development) grants to 224 constituencies of the state. Since this government came, it has not been possible to build a culvert. There is now an unprecedented “zero-development government” in the state. The cabinet itself is mired in internal confusion.

In the case of Prajwal Revanna, the state government is now questioning the Prime Minister….

Congress leaders have become addicted to questioning the Prime Minister for everything. Why did the Congress leaders remain silent for so long that they had information about this even before the election? Why was he (Prajwal Revanna) not arrested when he was traveling by road from Hassan to Bengaluru? Didn’t you have the district administration and intelligence system? Congress’ argument on this issue is ridiculous.


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