Culture at stake: Kodava Samaj bans champagne sharing, cake cutting in marriages

08:23 AM Nov 07, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Madikeri: Cake cutting and champagne sharing by newly-wed couples of the community Kodava during weddings at community marriage halls has been banned in the district informed the President of Ponnampet Kodava Samaj.


“The ban on champagne sharing and cake cutting during marriages has been imposed to protect the Kodava culture, which is at stake,” Chotakmada Rajiv Bopaiah, the President of Ponnampet Kodava Samaj was quoted speaking to IANS.

“Kodavas have their own distinct culture. We can survive only if our culture survives. Cutting of cakes and sharing of champagne by new couples during marriage ceremonies is not our culture. The decision has been taken in this regard in our annual meeting,” he said.

“Ever since the decision was taken, I am flooded with congratulatory phone calls and messages. We have to pass on our culture to the next generation. Champaign celebration won’t serve the purpose, rather it will misguide the younger generations,” he said.

The meeting also took the decision not to allow bridegrooms to attend marriages sporting a beard.


“Sporting beard is against the tradition of Kodavas. There is a ritual in which beard will be taken off. Likewise, the women can’t come on stage with their hair let loose, which is against our tradition. The meeting has discussed the issue and we are planning to implement it in the coming days,” he revealed.

When asked how did the younger generations of Kodava community react to the ban, Rajiv said they are supporting the move and many organisations have also come forward to create awareness on the matter.

“The problem seems to be with people who are in their 50s… they encourage cake cutting and champagne sharing during marriages,” he added.

Anil Biddadanda Nachappa, a film producer, said the steps are necessary to protect the distinct Kodava culture, which is under threat.

“There are a number of Kodava rituals like dancing etc. which should be given importance. Some European countries have banned Halaal and Kosher to protect their indeginious culture. This is also a similar step,” he said.

Known as a warrior community, Kodavas are predominantly based in Madikeri district. The clan is known for its valour and every family takes it as a matter of pride to send their children to the Indian Army.

Late Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa, the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army and late General K.S. Thimayya hailed from the Kodava community.

(With inputs from IANS)


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