Defeat BJP, which is against the Constitution, social justice and equality: Siddaramaiah

08:50 PM Feb 25, 2024 | PTI |

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday warned that democracy will not survive if the BJP, which is “against the constitution, social justice and equality”, is not defeated in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls and removed from power.


Speaking at the valedictory of the ‘Constitution and National Unity Convention -2024’ here, he hit out at the BJP and the RSS, accusing them of disrespecting the Constitution and its objectives.

Alleging that the BJP is against social justice and the poor, Dalits, backward classes, minorities, labourers and women, he said, “I appeal to the people to defeat the BJP, who are against the constitution, social justice and equality, in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls and support Congress and non BJP parties, who support and work in accordance with the Constitution.” The CM said, having studied all the constitutions of the world and extracting the best essence of them all, B R Ambedkar, who framed the guiding document of the republic, included rights and social justice in India’s Constitution.

He explained that India’s Constitution is the embodiment of the wishes of Buddha, Basava, Sharanas, Vachana Kranti (Vachana revolution) and the wishes of Kuvempu, Narayanaguru, and Vivekananda and among others.

Noting that BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde, while he was a minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet had declared, “We came to power to change the Constitution”, Siddaramaiah said, neither PM Modi, Amit Shah (Union Home Minister) and BJP, nor the RSS condemned his statement or opposed it.


Thus, Hegde spoke the agenda and ambitions of the BJP and the RSS, Siddaramaiah said, as he called on the people of the country to be cautious about it.

The rights of the working people of this country and the existence of labourers, farmers, and women are framed into the Constitution, the CM further said, adding that “All these communities will be forced back into slavery if the Constitution is changed.” Remember how Shudras, Dalits and Shramikas were treated when there was no Constitution, he pointed out.


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