Delhi Police gives 'purr-fect' reply to Elon Musk's tweet on 'police cats'

05:14 PM Jun 02, 2023 | PTI |

Billionaire Elon Musk’s quirky tweet about his son Lil X asking if ‘police cats’ exist has received a ”purr-fect” reply from the Delhi Police and wacky responses from netizens.


The Twitter owner on Thursday had posted: ”Lil X just asked if there are police cats, since there are police dogs.” While a large number of netizens have been engaging with Musk’s tweet since then, it is Delhi Police’s pun-laced response on Friday that has caught the attention of many Twitterati.

”Hi @elonmusk, please tell Lil X that there are no police cats because they might get booked for feline-y and ‘purr’petration,” the Delhi Police tweeted.

Many netizens have given a thumb-up to this amusing wordplay by the law enforcement agency of India’s national capital, and some have called it a ”purr-fect” response.


Delhi Police’s official Twitter handle has been set abuzz since this punny reply with a clever wordplay on ‘felony’ and ‘perpetration’, was put in the morning on the microblogging site.

”That was marvellous,” tweeted user @IndiaPran, while another user @_naveenish wrote, ”Purr fect, What’s next?”.

On Thursday, hordes of Twitter users had responded to the Tesla founder’s tweet and also mentioned name of his son, Lil X. His tweet has clocked over 21 million views and over a lakh likes, and also triggered a ‘cats vs dogs’ debate among netizens.

”Well, Lil X, it seems like the world needs some ”paw enforcement” to keep the streets safe! Time to train those feline officers for some purrfect crime-fighting!,” @TraderDAO_AI tweeted.

Some users shared images of cats and dogs together in law enforcement uniform, to underline that both animals can do the job.

”Can we have police kittens too! They’re so cute, you just have to obey,” @ProjectTXA tweeted.

Many responded to Musk’s tweet, saying, ”fair question”.

User @Senor_Penguito responded with an image of colourful toy penguins, with a caption, ”Police penguins”, while a few others shared images of rabbits, lions and a few other animals in ‘police uniform’. Musk’s post has also triggered funny memes and zany comments drawing mirth from netizens.

”Pawlice Cat,” user @WhaleWire wrote with an image of a wide-eyed cat.

”I hear police cats always catch the purr-petrators!,” user @LadyOfCrypto1 tweeted.

Twitter user @LttleGel had a more hilarious take on Musk’s tweet, replying with a poster meme that says ‘Cats don’t tell police where your drugs are’ with an image of a four-footed feline animal in the post. But, the Delhi Police’s response has left netizens in splits too.

”Oh boy, Delhi police with Global meme standards,” wrote user @vipul19 and added an emoji at the end.

The Delhi Police in the past too has come with quirky tweets at times to raise awareness on road safety or just engage in a harmless banter, much to netizens’ amusement.

On May 6 this year, the @DelhiPolice tweeted: ”You cannot be King Charles, but helmet is your crown.” During Holi season on March 7, in response to a tweet by a food service aggregator — ”someone please tell shubham from gurgaon we don’t deliver bhaang ki goli. he has asked us 14 times”, @DelhiPolice had replied: ”If anyone meets Shubham… tell him not to drive if he consumes bhaang.”

On March 7, 2021, latching on to a Pakistan Instagram user’s viral video and the meme, the official Twitter handle of Additional DCP-I West Delhi District had said: ”Yehe Hum hain… Yehe Hooke Hain… Aur ab Pawri nahi ho rahi hai PS- Some Pawris are not only injurious to health they are illegal too. Seized 24 Hooka from Rajouri Garden area. @CPDelhi @LtGovDelhi @DCPWestDelhi @DelhiPolice”.


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