Desi man in skirt dances on the streets of New York

11:57 AM Apr 14, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

If we leave our conditioning behind, every piece of clothing is unisex, and people should feel free to wear whatever makes them feel good. However, many of us are hesitant to express ourselves through clothing for fear of being ridiculed because of our choices.


The LGBTQA+ community has taught the world that clothes do not define us and that we should be able to identify with our outfits.

Jainil Mehta, a 22-year-old choreographer, has gone viral on social media after dancing in a skirt on the streets of New York.

When he witnessed a Bollywood star dance in a lehenga, he was blown away. He dashed to his mother’s closet to get a long skirt at that point. He shut the door, fearful of being discovered stealing her skirt, and danced his heart out.

The now-viral video shows Jainil dressed in a kurta and skirt dancing in the streets of New York, dancing outside his home in the American city to the beats of Pushpa’s song Saami Saami.


This video is part of Jainil’s #meninskirts series, which aims to make clothes more inclusive and empower people like him to wear whatever they choose. Jainil’s page is full of pictures of him dancing to Bollywood music in stunning skirts, and his confidence and grin are enough to blow anyone away.

Jainil has come a long way since stealing his mother’s clothes and dancing in a locked room in Mumbai.



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