Drone Prathap - boy who claimed to make 600 e-waste drones refuses to answer basic questions

06:14 PM Jul 18, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
Bengaluru: Drone Prathap, son of a farmer who claimed to have learned to make drones using e-waste and rose to fame by winning several accolades around the world and made India proud, is now facing unprecedented controversy after he not only refused to answer basic questions about aerodynamics but also to showcase some of the drones that he has made. Pratap was in news last year when floods ravaged major parts of North Karnataka and people were stranded in different places. He used the drone, which he claimed to have developed, to provide food and relief materials to several affected areas. From Hipparagi Barrage to Janwada, a nearby village. Thousands of people had gathered to watch if this drone could really reach the right place. And when it did, both police personnel and the public cheered loudly for the 22-year-old. Originally from the Mandya district. Recently after Pratap claimed he had developed over 600 drones. OP India new site did a fact check on him and revealed that his claims are baseless. Fews days ago, in an interview when he was asked to answer basic questions about aerodynamics he said that is not the time or platform to explain basic aerodynamics quintessential to drone engineerings like lift and drag instead he would reply in personally to the person who asked the question. This definitely shook things up a bit and netizens started claiming that Drone Prathap's achievements may not be genuine. While few people on social media have now roiled up attacks Prathap being fake, few others have actually gone ahead and contacted the people responsible for the events, and have discovered that the awards Prathap are currently claiming, never really existed. Here are a few reactions: On the other hand, following the interview, in which Prathap NM showed an image of a drone with him and said that the drone was made by him, the actual manufacturer of that drone has denied any link between Prathap and the development of the drone. Bill Gutbier, the owner BillzEye – Multicoptersysteme, the German company that has developed the drone in the photo shown by Prathap, has issued a statement in its website confirming that Prathap lied in the TV interview. The company has also warned of legal action against him. Furthermore, pictures have also emerged online showing that the drone claimed to have been built by Prathap is actually made by Japanese makers along with many other countries. However, despite growing hate, all directed towards Prathap he has maintained his stance of being true. Taking to Twitter Pratap wrote, "Retweet only if u have 100% trust on me. @PratapNM #DronePrathap #drone #PrathapNM."  

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