Dublin Airbnb host lists out tent for almost ₹ 5,800 per night

11:07 AM May 24, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

A Dublin Airbnb operator marketed a “private room” under the stars for roughly $75 (Rs 5,800) per night, but it was actually a pop-up tent on a concrete slab in the rear.


A screenshot of the listing from the well-known property rental service was shared on social media. The “private room in Dublin” has one bed and a bathroom, presumably in the house behind it. According to the New York Post, it was advertised by an Airbnb host named Paul, who has over 1,500 reviews for other places.

Many people initially mistook it for a joke due to Dublin’s soaring house prices. However, when a housing activist emailed the user, inquiring if the advertisement was legitimate, the speculations were dispelled.

The Airbnb host confirmed that the advertisement was accurate. “It’s not a joke,” he remarked, adding that he had a comfortable couch in the living room if she chose. Mr Paul also indicated in the screenshot shared by the housing campaigner that he had a huge living room and multiple couches that have been posted.


Separately, Twitter user Nick Capa shared a screenshot of the same “private room,” saying he was “nearly crying” when he discovered how “unreasonable” actual lodgings in Dublin are.

Internet users chastised the Airbnb host for charging so much for a tent on his concrete lawn when the post went viral.

Meanwhile, the housing activist provided an update on the listing following the anger on social media. The website for the Dublin Private House was no longer accessible and had been removed.


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