Elect honourable and progressive leader Jayaprakash Hegde, says Tejaswini Ramesh

05:57 PM Apr 24, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Former Member of Parliament (MP) Tejaswini Ramesh emphasized the importance of electing honorable and progressive leaders like Jayaprakash Hegde amidst what she described as a political landscape filled with dishonesty and lack of development.


Speaking at a gathering of Congress workers in Brahmavara, Ramesh urged voters to support individuals who genuinely work for the betterment of society.

During the event, Congress candidate Jayaprakash Hegde highlighted his commitment to serving the people with the same vigor and dedication as he did during his previous tenures as a minister and MP.

Hegde promised to prioritize the establishment of educational institutions like engineering and medical colleges in Udupi district, along with fostering growth in the industrial sector to generate employment opportunities for the youth.

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Former minister Vinaya Kumar Sorake criticized the BJP for allegedly neglecting developmental projects, particularly referencing the delayed completion of the Kalyanpur road, which was hurriedly finished ahead of the elections.


Sorake said that Kota Srinivas Poojary did not recall caste when he defeated Vinaya Kumar Sorake and Gopal Poojary. “He remained indifferent to caste considerations even when Guru Narayan faced humiliation. During his time in power, he did not prioritize caste-based initiatives. It is disheartening that some individuals seek votes by exploiting the identity of the Billava community, aiming solely for electoral gains,” Sorake said and urged the Billava community to support Hegde regardless of caste differences. “Hegde, even as a non-party MLA, supported me in my political journey, irrespective of my caste'” he recalled.

Congress leader M.A. Gafoor and several other party members attended the rally.


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