"Every plant that we plant is an oxygen cylinder"

12:02 PM Jun 05, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Today is World Environment Day.


We have reached a time in human history where we are celebrating environment day on barren and destroyed lands.

A time where we have to ‘protect’ the environment.

The destruction of the environment in the name of development is leading to a decline in human development.

Thousands of hectares of farmland are lost annually due to weather changes from global warming, erosion of soils and bad farming practices.


The most important of all things in protecting the environment is to protect various plant species.

Every human being releases 4,800 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year. A 50-year-old tree releases 100 to 200 kilograms of carbon dioxide. So, a human needs approximately 48 to 50 trees to live a healthy life.

Additionally, in order for a man to be healthy, 32 per cent of the land area must be forest land. According to the Central government, presently in India, 24 per cent of land is forest. This is not even barely enough for human life lest other animals.

We all need to think of new ways to save forests. We all need to advance the resolve to protect the environment.

Our home, our school, our temple, our mosque, our church… we all must similarly feel to be protective of the trees.

Each plant we plant in our village or town is an oxygen cylinder. So we all have a hand in the task of protecting the trees.


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