Father’s Day: Must watch movies with your ‘Papa’

10:22 AM Jun 19, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

It’s Father’s Day! The day you show appreciation and love for our first superheroes, our first comedians, and our first coaches in life, our fathers. Because waking up in the morning on your bed when you swore you dozed off in the car has something superhero-y about it. Or watching our father say the same joke over and over again just because you laughed so much the first time. And even, the math lessons on one Sunday afternoon, the swimming lessons. Fathers have done it all.


So, on this day you thank and appreciate your father for everything he’s done for you. Well, you could show some gratitude every day but especially today. Take him out on lunch. Or if you want to show off your Masterchef skills, cook him his favorite meal. Watch that match with him, and learn about his favorite player. Listen to him reminisce about his childhood. Just spending some quality time with your old man shows a lot.

If you happen to spend quality time with your father by watching a movie, I am here for you. This article is here for you. Especially now, because the Covid cases are on a rise again, and staying home could be the best option.

Isn’t this movie the perfect description of most father-children relationships? It is realistic because it explores the raw themes of a perfectly imperfect relationship we share in a family. It teaches us to understand that we might not always share the same views with our fathers, and that could cause hassles in the relationship. Finding common ground, and understanding where they’re coming from is the answer. It is a fun watch, you will surely laugh. Along with that, you will have so much to reflect on.

Finding Nemo
I am just as surprised as you to see this movie make it to the list. But it does. A father, (he’s a fish, but still a father) desperately clings on to the hope to find his son. He moves mountains, and does the unthinkable just to be with his son. He constantly finds himself being overly protective of his son. But eventually learns to sit back and let his son grow, on his own. And isn’t that what our fathers do for us? They are so protective, and we know they would make all the ends meet for us.


“Mahri choriya choro se kam hai ke?” (My daughters are no less than boys.) This movie highlights the role of a father in the journey to one’s success. Fathers work relentlessly and consistently for us and help us get closer to the best version of ourselves. Their hard work and dedication to make our dreams a reality are applaudable. The movie focuses on a father’s faith in his daughters’ abilities, and that faith alone can do wonders.

If you’re looking to laugh while also understand a meaningful message, go watch this movie. This movie concentrates on how a father encourages his son to live. Live beyond failures. He did so by telling his son all about his failures. This movie makes us realise how important fathers can be when you need a little cheering-up to do. It leaves you with a realisation that our fathers, in the end, are just people and even they make mistakes.

17 Again
This is a feel-good movie that will make you laugh, smile, and even ‘aww’. It revolves around a father who is clinging to the hope to get his family together again. He tries to mend his relationship with his wife, he strives hard to build his relationship with his children. It is funny and quite wholesome at times.

Taare Zameen Par
Father figures are just as important as fathers. And this movie highlights just that. With sheer determination and dedication anything can be done. But along with that, a father figure you can look upto, who holds your hand through everything, and believes in you, can result in so much more. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and smile softly because it is so beautifully written and made.

That’s it, then. Of course, there are millions more movies that highlight the role of a father in our lives. But these are some. Go on then, grab the popcorn, sit on the couch and watch these with your father, father figure and have a good time!



Authored by Aditi Agarwal, Media and Communication student at Manipal Institute of Communication.


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