Find number of horses in this picture to know your hidden personality!

11:52 AM May 16, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

A good optical illusion can make you scratch your head, question what’s real and also baffle you for hours together.


However, optical illusions can be used in other ways too. The quality of such images in challenging the visual perceptual system can sometimes open a doorway to peer into your mind and reveal the deepest hidden secrets.

That’s why optical illusions find their way into casual personality tests.

One such illusion was posted on The Minds Journal. It claims to reveal your hidden personality, just by finding the number of animals.

Take a look at this image:



How many horses did you spot? The number of horses you see in this image reveals interesting facets of your personality.


Did you see only one horse? Then you have your sights on the broader picture!

You have a very bigger vision of things. You are hasty in making decisions and do not evaluate or think too deeply about things, the Minds Journal said.


Did you see 5 to 10 horses? You are likely to have seeds of perfectionism in you!

According to the Minds Journal, You don’t take things on a light note and like to give importance to things that are worthy. Your way of decision-making is rational and sensible.

However, you have a haphazard way of working which sometimes creates chaos. But you do manage to achieve your goals, it added.

You become a little overconfident about your capabilities but you know how to accept failures, it said.


Did you spot more than 10 horses? You likely have a sharp vision!

You notice things that others may not notice. People love working with you, as you are a responsible person, The Mind Journal said. End results never truly satisfy you!

However, the ability to notice uncommon things may make you indecisive. You may not be sure if you should abondon something or keep working on it.

Did this test accurately describe you? Let us know if you found this useful.

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