Flying car! Now a reality

11:39 AM Feb 17, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Ever since I have watched Harry Potter and Ron Weasley fly a car to Hogwarts, it’s been a dream to actually fly a car. Well for other fanatics like me, this dream will soon be a reality. Yeap, that’s right!


Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in the USA has given official clearance for the world’s first flying car to take off.

It can travel at 100 miles per hour and fly up to 10,000 feet.

The Terrafugia Transition ‘roadable aircraft’ a special light-sport aircraft airworthiness certificate has been granted by the FAA, This means that the aircraft meets the standards for the flight. The aircraft isn’t allowed on the road yet but is expected to come soon.

With a 27-foot wingspan that folds down to a size small enough for the whole thing to fit inside a single car garage, this road model of two-seater craft is planned to release in 2022.


As per reports, the flight-only version is available to pilots and flight schools. As it still needs to meet road safety standards, it will take another year for the car components to be street legal.

As per the statements issued by Chinese-owned Terrafugia those interested in taking the craft for a spin will need both a driver’s license and a sport pilot’s certificate.

The car is powered by a hybrid-electric motor and the plane engine runs on either premium gasoline or 100LL airplane fuel.

The standard features of the aircraft include four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, a rigid carbon fiber safety cage, and also an airframe parachute. The aircraft weighs around 1,3000 pounds (590 kgs) approximately and has fixed landing gear, a 27-foot wide wingspan.


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