Gangster Ravi Poojary to be extradited to India within a week?

01:37 AM Apr 05, 2020 | aaron |
Mangaluru: The legal process of extraditing underworld element Ravi Poojary who has remained incarcerated in Senegal for possession for fake passport since three-and-a-half months has reached final stages and the criminal might possibly be brought to India by the week. With this, the Indian police will have finally put an end to the criminal activities of Mr Poojary who has remained a persistent nightmare for businessmen and affluent people in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujrat and other places since more than two decades. Presently he is in prison under heavy security. According to the credible information provided to “Udayavani”, the process of extraditing Mr Poojary have almost completed. An inquiry in this connection was fixed on May 15th at the court in Senegal. A team of higher officials from Mumbai police left to Senegal in this connection and submitted the documents regarding the criminal activity of Ravi Poojary to court in Senegal through the Indian Embassy at Dakar. Through this, the Indian police attempted to prove to the court there that the arrested person identifying himself as Anthony Fernandes is indeed Ravi Poojary. Extradition delayed due to Sri Lanka The extradition of Ravi Poojary was delayed since the accused was caught with a fake passport belonging to Sri Lanka. But there is no Sri Lakan embassy in Senegal. Hence the officials from Senegal have sent a request to Sri Lanka. However, since the current situation in Sri Lanka is bad, there was a delay in receiving a response and consequently, the extradition was delayed. Another false complaint Amidst this, Ravi Poojary has requested the court there to not to extradite him to India since there is threat for his life here. But the investigating court has given a time limit of a week. Assets seized Since many years, Ravi Poojary has been living in Burkina Faso, Senegal and Ivory Coast countries and had started several business including hotels in these countries. He had a hotel named “Namaste India” in Burkina Faso and “Maharaja” in Senegal. It is being said that all the business in which Mr Poojary is a partner have been closed by the police and all his asses including bank accounts and property have been seized. Handing over to Mumbai police During the extradition of Ravi Poojary, there is a possibility that he will be handed over to Mumbai police officials there. This is so because he first entered underworld in Mumbai and then fled abroad. Along with Mumbai, he has several cases booked against him at many locations in Maharashtra for murder, contract killing, extortion, protection money and many other reasons. Only after that will he be handed over to Karnataka police. Along with Mangaluru, he has more than 30 cases booked against him throughout the state.

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