Ganja network wound around student community

01:29 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
Udupi: The ganja network is centralized around student communities and in order to put an end to this menace and to keep the students away from substance abuse, the district police have given importance to “Case and Classes” and apparently, it has turned out to be fruitful. Drug peddlers have made Manipal, Udupi and Maple their markets for drug abuse due to the locations tourism potential among other reasons and they mostly sell ganja in comparison to any other drug. On one hand, the cops are taking strict action as per law and on the other, they are giving importance to spreading awareness against the menace. Already, 93 programmes have been conducted in this effect at schools and colleges. This is being continued and the youth are showing their support. Trafficking stopped The traditional method of transporting as parcels through buses and via couriers has been put to a stop. The cops have come forward in a new form of operation to put an end to the trafficking via trains and vehicles entering the city. Three cases of trafficking via train have been identified. In the form of friends There is information regarding those who come in the guise of a friend or a relative and approach flats and PGs where students reside and carryout the business and a close eye is being kept on them. There is costs 20K, here 50K Based on the quality of the product, a kg of ganja will cost 10K to 20K in Pune, Maharashtra, Bihar and the same will be sold at Rs 50K in Udupi. A 20gm pack will cost Rs 1,000. It has been observed that students who smoke cigarettes eventually migrate towards marijuana and in order to take care of the new acquired habit, they become peddlers. Soon, the habit and the business go hand-in-hand. More than 20 kg of ganja seized! From June 26 to till date, the cops have seized over 20 kg of weed. Moe than 62 cases have been booked and more than 67 persons have been arrested. 56 persons for smoking weed and 9 persons for peddling ganja relating 7 cases have been arrested. On June 26th, five kg 280 gm of ganja, 59 gm on July 5th, 2 kg 22 gm on July 6th, and 2 kg 200 gm on July 24th were seized. Among the accused are some students who had just finished their education last year and have become peddlers. This year within a span of a month, from June 26th to July 27th, 45 persons have been arrested in connection to ganja cases in Udupi, Manipal areas! The department has become much successful in cracking ganja cases. Operations and awareness programmes will be continued. Cooperation from the people is also required. Besides, the youth too must wake up. Those transporting parcels must collect information regarding the goods within the parcel. Otherwise, they too will be at fault – Nisha James, SP, Udupi Provide information If the public suspects of anyone of ganja abuse, immediately inform the CEN police at 0820-2530021 or provide the information to the closest police station. This will help in locating ganja peddlers. The whistleblower’s identity will remain a secret – Sitaram, Inspector, CEN Police Station, Udupi

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