‘Ghar Wapsi’ of Muslims should happen on ‘war-footing’: Tejasvi Surya

01:57 PM Dec 26, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Udupi: BJP MP Tejasvi Surya on Saturday, December 25 said that the only solution left for Hindus is ‘Ghar wapsi’ of those who have been converted to other religions.


He was speaking on the topic of ‘Hindu revival’ at the Vishwarpanam program held at Rajangana of Sri Krishna Math.

Tejasvi said, “In order to prevent further erosion of the Hindu base, those who got converted to Islam and went to Pakistan should be brought back to Hinduism. ‘Ghar wapsi’ must be done to revive our Hindu Dharma.”

He further said, “Hinduism is not a belief-based religion, it stands on experience. Hinduism allows one to question and explore their customs. Not all religions preach the same, Hinduism has never said that those who do not believe in this religion must die. Hinduism teaches co-existence. It is a religion that sees God in everything.

Talking about Hindu revival, Surya said, “If you do not know who your enemy is you can’t put up a defense. Hence, one of the most important things we need to do for Hindu revival is to know our enemies.”


“During the invasion, the other two religions gave only two options to the people, either get converted or get killed. ‘Infidel’ term was coined by Christians and ‘kafir’ term was coined by Muslims. Muslims and Christians entered India with the same principle. Islam claimed that idol worshippers must be killed and there is only one God. Christians preached that the gods that Hindus worship are false,” he added.

Surya said, “The ‘principle’ that they follow is the only fundamental difference between our religion and Abrahamic religion. Unfortunately, the followers of Sanatan Dharma still do not know the fundamental differences because of the political leaders.”

“In the earlier times, the war culture that we followed was different and we followed a certain code of conduct.  But foreign invaders did not have such a code of conduct as they only knew ‘brute force’, because of this many Hindu kings lost the war. From then we have paid the price for being ignorant or not examining the fundamental tenets of these two faiths,” he opined.

“If you ask a normal Hindu college student to state the difference between Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. He will answer that all Gods are the same and there is no difference. For a Hindu, all gods are the same. But for the followers of Islam and Christianity, the Gods we worship are not legitimate,” he said.

Talking about the term ‘Hindutva’, Surya said, “In order to defend itself from the foreign invaders, the befitting political reply that Hindus came up with is ‘Hindutva’.”

“Hindus sent Swamijis, Dharma Gurus worldwide to preach about the religion, unlike the others who sent soldiers to other countries to invade their territory,” he added.

Talking about Tipu Jayanti celebrations, he said, “Muslims are urging the government to celebrate Tipu Jayanti but they never asked Kalam Jayanti or Shishunala Sharifa Jayanti to be celebrated. Do you know why? Because according to them Abdul Kalam was not a true Muslim as he used to visit Temples and read Bhagavadgita.”

” We must also free our temples from the government. This is the main step that will help in reviving Hindu Dharma. Also, before 2014, if I would do this speech, I would be taken to the police station. But today if I am able to say the truth without any fear then it is an indication of ‘Hindu revival’,” he concluded.



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