Girl offers to donate her savings to Karnataka Chief Minister in order to patch potholes

12:22 PM Oct 25, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: A seven-year-old girl from Karnataka, recently offered to give her savings to the state’s Chief Minister, Basavaraj Bommai, to help patch potholes in the state’s capital.


Dhavani N, made this offer in a video posted four days ago, exactly two years after her mother’s accident, in which she sustained a leg fracture due to a pothole.

“My daughter was a toddler when I met with an accident, she did not understand the situation much, but as she grew older, she witnessed many of her friends and family members become victims of such mishaps” Rekha, the seven-year-old’s mother was quoted speaking to TOI.

Dhavani is seen in the film comforting families who have lost loved ones in accidents caused by potholes.

“Grandpa (referring to the CM), please tell us how these families will deal with their deaths,” she added.


The seven-year-old got the idea for the film after seeing a video of a small girl cleaning potholes in a distant nation. After watching the video, the Dhavani advised her parents, Rekha and Naveen Kumar, to do the same, which is why she requested that the CM repair the potholes.

Dhavani’s gift to the CM is made up of all the pocket money she received from her parents to buy chocolates, which she instead opted to keep.

Dhavani, who aspires to be India’s President when she grows up, wants to make housing free for everyone. She went on to say that her father pays her Rs. 1 every time she drinks water because she is dehydrated, and that she saves this money as well.

She claims she has been drinking 10 glasses of water every day for the past four days and has saved Rs. 40 for the fund.


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