Gucci x Adidas umbrella costs Rs 1 lakh, isn’t waterproof

12:05 PM May 20, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

What do you call an umbrella that doesn’t keep the rain off your head? A ruse, a flop, a farce. That’s how Chinese social media users are describing a new umbrella line being marketed by two global brands ahead of its June 7 launch.


Gucci and Adidas, the luxury fashion house and sportswear behemoth, have been chastised in the country for a recent partnership in which they created a ‘sun umbrella.’ Because the so-called umbrellas are not waterproof and a single one costs 11,100 yuan ($1.27 lakh), the two companies have been viciously chastised.

The umbrella is Italian-made. Eight ribs, a carved birch-wood handle, and a green and red web make up this piece.

The umbrella is “not waterproof and is suitable for sun protection or decorative use,” according to the Gucci website.


Originally classed as an umbrella, the product was renamed in Mandarin to a more ambiguous title.

The upscale brand was heavily criticized on Chinese social media despite the modification. However, other users believe the product will still appeal to a large number of individuals.

Luxury brands are being scrutinized more closely in China as a result of President Xi Jinping’s “shared prosperity” programme, which sent associated stocks plummeting last year. In general, Western brands such as Adidas have suffered in the face of rising nationalism, which has resulted in boycotts and preferential treatment for local firms.


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