Guinness World Record: Man assembles 9,090-piece Lego Titanic set in under 11 hours

10:49 AM Apr 20, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Assembling Lego blocks involves some physical and mental exertion. It can put a person’s patience, ability to strategize, and ability to deal with bad decisions to the test.


Lego bricks are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and colours. And they may be used to make a variety of forms, figures, and iconic constructions.

It’s a puzzle world that’s evolved into a perpetual source of creativity and inspiration for children and adults all across the world.

While many people have built remarkable buildings out of LEGO bricks, a man from the United States recently achieved a new Guinness World Record by putting together a 9,090-piece set.

Paul Ufema of North Carolina maintains the ‘All New Bricks’ YouTube channel, which is dedicated completely to Lego sets.


The channel, which has over 1.51 million followers, informs Lego fans on what they’re getting before they buy the world’s most popular brick toys.

From Lego Jurassic Park monsters to Lego Star Wars locations to stadiums and Captain America’s shield, Ufema has done it all.

He recently established a new Guinness World Record by putting together a 9,090-piece Titanic set in ten hours, forty-six minutes, and thirty seconds.

He previously achieved a world record when he put together a 9,036-piece Lego Colosseum in less than 14 hours.

He even attempted to break the world record by putting together his own Millennium Falcon. The attempt, however, was disallowed due to a single piece missing.



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